Meet Your Healer

Meet Your Healer: Lakeesha J. Harris: Is a Health Educator at Chicago Women’s Health Center, a Reiki Master, Root Worker, Diviner and Owner of Sojourners Room, a healing space for the oppressed. Lakeesha received her Bachelor’s Degree in Women and Gender Studies from Northeastern Illinois University. In 2011 she was selected as a Student Laureate of NEIU and received numerous awards for her work as a community activist, poet, and one of the Founders of Seeds Literary Arts Journal of NEIU. She is a Playwright whose political literary work, Spirit House – a collaborative play with Dr. Geryll Robinson, was commissioned by the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center for the healing of the community. As a practicing healer, her work has spanned two decades as a Patient Care Tech, doula, apprentice midwife, and health educator.