We Are Free

For the past week, each morning I greet my altar and honor my ancestors with the reminder that we are free. I speak these words out loud and I smile in their reflection.

Following this week’s lessons that I received from Keesha, I honor my ancestors with coffee and gin, coffee to stimulate and gin (or whatever liquor your ancestors might prefer) to light the fire. Keesha instructed me on the importance of engaging with your altar on a daily basis. An interaction I often forget as I navigate my daily musings and routine. It was in this action, that opportunities began to open as the week progressed. I am now open in walking with my ancestors as a daily practice.

In our last meeting, Keesha and I prepared “Black Witch Bay Rum” and discussed its purposes as a substitute akin to Florida Water. Bay Rum is used for clearing, healing and incorporating in your conjuring. Given a mortar and pestle, I began to prepare the mixture, each spice releasing a sweet fragrance. Spices where blended and placed in a large glass jar to ferment within high grade Caribbean rum in the weeks to come. Prior to sealing, Keesha adds her own Ase, a prayer to seal its energy.

Immediately, I felt the rush of ancestral power, the magic of prayer, in voice and spelling. I questioned my own power, my confidence in speaking truth, its importance in ritual.

Placing the jar in a dark corner, Keesha instructed me to use “what you got to get the results that you need,” and this resonated with me deeply. As a daughter of the diaspora, it is essential that I conjure with my immediate means. A reminder of my primary instinct, to use what you got, not what you think you need. If a recipe calls for specific ingredients, and you do not have…make use of “what you got”. No need to look outside yourself, it is all provided.

This past full moon, I prepared my own Bay Rum. Using ingredients found in my spice cabinet. Using 7 ingredients, I prepared a personal concoction to be illuminated under the fullness of the moon. I will let this ferment, mix and make its magic to not be touched again until the new moon. As a black witch, I play with the moon, I love with the moon, I honor its rhythm and its beats. As I grew into my power, I realize that I am enough. I realize that my community is deeper than my fears, and I open wildly into remembering that I am free.


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