Practice and Consistency

It’s about Practice and Consistency

Janise 1
Jenise settling in to write this blog.

As the seasons change and we enter winter months, I am prepared to go in. Having always been on a natural rhythm with the seasons, I find that fall and winter are always a natural shedding process for me.  I am usually getting a new job, ending some kind of relationship or completely confused on the direction of my life path.

Dispite intense transitions, I find that I let go easier as I allow space for deep reflection, intention setting and sustained practice.

Magic becomes an everyday practice and I easily become more in tuned with my natural rhythms, more of a commitment to defining and refining my spiritual practice.

In this changing season, I realize that the greatest gift I can offer myself is that of sustained consistency and practice, consistency in using my magic as a way to get through the day, weeks and months. To me consistency means working towards something each day, one moment at a time. Whether that means meditating in order to ground and connect to self, daily offerings to my altar in order to be guided and protected or taking a sea salt bath in order to rid myself of unwanted energy.

Practice is drawing a tarot card daily in order to learn its meanings and apply it to daily life, practice is studying the herbs that I use to prepare my bay rum in conjunction with the phases of the moon, and practice is letting go of all that does not serve.

In Keesha’s and I last session discussion themes where centered on healing, and the purpose of being a witch is to also accept a path of healing and moving forward in ones ability to heal self.

As healers and those destined to heal, it is important that we take care of self. This means that there is an ongoing and sustained commitment to doing your work; whether that is addressing trauma or engaging with shadow work.

The importance of healing is claiming space, re-claiming our magic and taking the necessary steps to create our own resources in a way that makes sense.

As I prepare to shed this old skin, I think of a common metaphor used in the popular imagination of witches being able to shed their skin and shape shift and I think of the importance of the shedding, the releasing and the need for constant metamorphosis.

Healing is about practice and consistency.

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