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As a healer, I believe that the mind is our greatest tool of healing. All change starts first in the mind. Get creative and get free. This is why I felt that kicking this blog off with a poem would be apt. What you’ll find out about me, through my blog and my healing work, is that I use many modalities to heal myself and to assist with the healing of others. One of them is running, specifically my new found love, mud/obstacle running. The communing with nature and conjuring of ancestral spirits is like no other. While conquering hills, immersing my body in the life energy of mud, and pulling myself over and through obstacle after obstacle – spirit spoke. This is what was channeled through me at that time.

Enjoy and welcome to Sojourner’s Healing Room!


And You Shall Go There

Go there.

Into the pus of life,

surfacing infection,

hurt and heartache.


Go there.

Into mud and thatches

that cut and bury

centuries of trauma and ancestors.


Go there.

Run to that Mountain

Climb it, transform it

Into hill, boulder, rock, then pebble.


Become soothing salve

on a fresh wound.


Be regenerative bone and flesh,

life bearing newness.


Be the remembering

of medicine and conjure.

And the undoing

of myth, struggle and pain.


And you shall go there,

Seeing self for the first time.


    1. sojournersroom

      Thanks so much Jen! I’m honored to have had you in my healing space.

  1. julia davis

    I’m going to enjoy this blog! I’m proud of you my sister friend!


  2. Hi Lakeesha,

    I didn’t expect a poem to be here – but when I saw it, knowing that it was yours, I had to sit back in my chair, comfort myself and settle in before reading. I have to be ready for a poem from you. Your poetry demands it. Stop reading other things. Stop watching other things – just listen. I’m never disappointed. So beautiful. Waiting for your book of poems!

    1. sojournersroom

      The book of poems is coming real soon Pam! You know that you’ll be the first to know about it!

  3. sojournersroom

    Thanks for stopping by! Kickback and enjoy. There’s more to come.

  4. sojournersroom

    Thank you so much. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. Check back often for more information.

  5. sojournersroom

    I’m grateful for your comments. I’m actually a Health Educator at Chicago Women’s Health Center focusing on Women and *Trans people health. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Please bookmark this page and return for more.

  6. sojournersroom

    Please do bookmark my page. I’d love to have your input.


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